SEO Articles

Rin Writing's SEO articles are not only expertly written; they are also comparatively affordable.

Nowadays we refer to SEO copywriting as a broad way of describing web content. After all, following Google's recent Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, the focus of all websites should always be on providing unique, relevant content for visitors.

What Do I Get?

Our SEO articles are ideal for SMEs who seek an affordable solution for their content strategy. We will provide you with one-off or regular SEO content that is:

Uniquely tailored to your industry or business.
Expertly written to your requirements and brief.
Written with your own SEO strategy in mind.

How Much Do Your SEO Articles Cost?

We charge our clients £4.70 per standard 250-word SEO article (or £0.0188p per word).

What Aspects of SEO Do You Focus on?

Having worked within the SEO industry for over three years, Rin Writing can state with confidence that when website conversion rates and user engagement are at the forefront of your business's goals, compelling, well-written and persuasive copy is key above all else. It is best to avoid SEO companies and freelance writers that promote so-called 'keyword stuffing' tactics - your pages will simply not rank and your website will be penalised by Google.

So Should I Include Keywords At All?

Google's recent algorithm updates ensure that spammy, keyword-ridden websites are penalised to lower search positions. As such, keyword density is irrelevant, and focussing too much on the most popular keywords will have a detrimental effect on your website's rankings. On the other hand, even Google admits that it isn't completely infallible, and thus your website should always include naturally-occurring, niche, descriptive words that will help Google to locate and index your website's products or services appropriately.

When writing for SEO, Rin Writing will always provide you with web content that not only speaks for your product and reaches out to your customers, but also is written with your own SEO strategy in mind, whether you decide to supply us with your own keyword research or outsource that process to us.

Contact Catherine and Rob today to discuss how we can provide you with SEO articles that won't have a negative impact on your website's rankings.